What is Inside Fortune Builder University?

Think of Fortune Builder University like a Swiss Army Knife.  There are lots of gadgets that can be used for a specific job on their own – but they’re all connected to one another – and they work best when they’re used together.  For example:

  • The video library, has four promotional videos to engage prospects.  Four others educate them and tells our story and gets folks conceptually committed to our solutions.  There’s even a Dave Ramsey video – because FBU members don’t want to ever lose business to Dave Ramsey or any of the other life insurance nay-sayers – again.
  • There’s a Social Media Toolkit that takes the vast and mysterious world of social media – and puts it in the palm of insurance professional’s hands.  You’ll master this fast-growing and FREE marketing medium step-by-step.
  • The Retirement Crystal Ball is a powerful closing tool that takes the place of an intimidating insurance illustration.  It’s a simple 3-page report that compares the prospect’s wealth-building path – whether a qualified plan, a Roth, or taxable investments – to your IUL proposal – using the prospect’s projections and inputs.   When the clients numbers put your proposal on top – deals close, and they stay closed.
  • And there’s more:  there are special reports, lead purchase options, there’s a commercial loan referral program that pays you a $1,000 referral fee for 5 minutes of work; there are training calls, and even other membership levels you might find attractive once you’ve spend some time in FBU.

So come on in – the water’s great.  Discover what Fortune Builder University can do for you!